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Understanding Different Types of HVAC Systems

Understanding Different Types of HVAC Systems

For a consumer looking to optimize their property, it can be hard to identify which HVAC system is best for their situation. With some guidance from a respected heating and cooling company, you'll gain the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision. Based in La Crosse, WI, Ron Hammes Refrigeration has earned a reputation as the region’s most trusted HVAC specialist. You can count on a swift installation for several different types of high-quality air conditioners. 

Here is a rundown of some common HVAC systems:

  • Central Air Conditioning: Using a network of ducts to distribute cool air, central air conditioning is among the most coveted HVAC systems. Since the vents will be disseminated throughout your property, it’s easy for the air to reach and circulate into every room. With an invisible presence in the home, these systems are highly appealing to appearance-conscious homeowners. 
  • Heat Pumps: For residents who live in less extreme climates, heat pumps can be a smart option as well. These units convert outside warm air into cool air as well as cool air into warm air with the help of electricity. While they may not be able to equal the maximum power of a typical air conditioner or furnace, they are more energy-efficient. 
  • Split System: When your property doesn’t have any ductwork, a split system is usually the type of air conditioner that makes the most sense. Relying on connected indoor and outdoor units, this mechanism has the potential to lead to lower utility bills since less air will be lost to heat exchange in your ducts. As an additional benefit, split systems tend to be impressively quiet, bringing peace to your home.  

To receive expert advice concerning your HVAC needs, don't hesitate to reach out to Ron Hammes Refrigeration. You can get in touch with the friendly staff by calling (608) 788-3110. Learn more about the company by visiting the Ron Hammes Refrigeration website.

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