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Top 3 Commercial Refrigeration Issues

Top 3 Commercial Refrigeration Issues

Keeping your fridge in optimal working condition is essential to preserving your stock of food for customers. When issues arise and put these factors at risk, you need to identify common commercial refrigeration problems and promptly start repairs. Below are complications you’re likely to see and their causes.

Typical Refrigeration Troubles

1. Ice Buildup

Ice inside your fridge can be caused by several factors. Faulty door seals and loose door hinges may cause warm air to enter the refrigerator and condense inside. Improper air ventilation and refrigerant leaks may also be behind the frosty buildup, as both impede temperature regulation and cool moisture in the fridge to produce ice.

2. Poor Temperature Maintenance

commercial refrigerationDirty or ice-ridden condenser and evaporator coils are usually to blame when it comes to temperature control. Refrigerant—the cooling chemical that powers refrigeration—flows into the evaporator coil to absorb heat from the air. As the refrigerant vaporizes from heat absorption, condenser coils compress it to pump gas outside of the refrigerator. If clogged, these coils can’t efficiently release heat, which results in warmer temperatures inside the fridge. An undercharge of refrigerant, failure of fan motors, and faulty defrost systems could also be to blame for inconsistent refrigeration temperatures.

3. Loud Noises

A noisy refrigerator indicates a commercial refrigeration equipment malfunction. If noise is coming from the back of the fridge, it may be due to debris and dirt trapped in the condenser fans. If noise is coming from inside the refrigerator, it may be circulation fans acting up in the back corners of the fridge. 


Next time you encounter refrigeration problems, contact the professional technicians at Ron Hammes Refrigeration in La Crosse, WI, for reliable, full-service commercial refrigeration services. From ventilation maintenance to heat pump installation, they have the resources you need to get your refrigerator back to working order. Their extensive inventory of refrigeration products and equipment can accommodate all repair issues. Call (608) 788-3110 to schedule an appointment with them or visit their website for more information.

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