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Tips for Increasing Air Conditioning Efficiency

Tips for Increasing Air Conditioning Efficiency

Your air conditioner can be the hero of summer, but it’s not cool when it drives up your energy bills. There are many things you can do to increase air conditioner energy efficiency. Here are some of the best ways to maximize the performance of your HVAC system.

1. Clear the Area Around Your Outdoor Condenser

Clogs and obstacles around your outside condenser unit can greatly reduce your AC efficiency. Clean on and around the unit for debris and other blockages and be sure to clean your AC unit regularly as well. If you hide your AC unit be sure you aren’t using a fully enclosed structure or placing anything overhead.

2. Clean and Unblock Vents

Dust and buildup can clog up vents, preventing cool air from coming out. Do a walkthrough and check your vents to see if anything needs clearing to maximize airflow. Avoid placing furniture around the vents so the cold air circulates well.

3. Do you have a Whole-House Fan?

Investing in a whole-house fan can bring fresh air from outside and purge hot air from inside your home. These fans are more powerful than the average ceiling fan while still using relatively little energy. Smaller versions can run all day or night, quietly keeping your home more cool and comfortable.

4. Maximize Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is a great way to reduce hot air, is often overlooked, and can prevent the hot air from the attic from affecting the temperature in your home. Placement and proper sizing of your roof ventilation is key to effective heat reduction in an attic space.

5. Cover Your Windows

That hot outside sun can come in through your windows and heat up your home’s interior. Cover as many windows as possible´╗┐ to improve air conditioner efficiency. Curtains are the most effective way to block out the sun’s heat, but you can also add UV-blocking blinds if you want more light.

6. Change Your Air Filters

It’s important to check your air filters regularly and replace them if they start to look icky. Energy Star recommends changing them at least every three months. This will not only help improve your AC efficiency but also the air quality in your home.

7. Use Ceiling Fans to Increase Air Conditioning Efficiency

Ceiling fans can circulate cold air and make the room feel cooler. They’re also energy-efficient, using less energy than a 100-watt light bulb. This small change can reduce the demand on your air conditioner.

8. Address Any Leaks

Leaving the doors and windows open isn’t the only way to air-condition the entire neighborhood. Worn-out seals on your windows and doors can let cold air escape, making your HVAC system work harder. Your attic’s insulation is another common culprit for leaks. It’s a good idea to have a local HVAC repair pro inspect for leaks and make necessary fixes.

9. Schedule Regular Maintenance for Greater Energy-Efficiency and Performance

While you can do some things to keep your home energy-efficient, there is no substitute for getting regular AC maintenance by an HVAC technician. A licensed pro can clean your equipment, make sure everything is running properly, and help detect issues before they become bigger problems, which can maximize the lifespan of your AC system.

Regular maintenance can help reduce costs and extend the life of your for your air conditioning system. If you need an inspection or maintenance for your air conditioning system please call Ron Hammes Refrigeration at 608-788-3110.

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