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Thermostat Placement Tips

Thermostat Placement Tips

Your thermostat controls the residential heating and cooling system and keeps your home at an even temperature. Your thermostat placement can affect the functionality of your system by responding to an unstable environment. To keep your home comfortable, here are some thermostat placement tips from the experts at Ron Hammes Refrigeration.

Where to Put Your Thermostat

1. Away From Doors & Windows

As people walk in and out of your house, the air gets pulled in drafts, causing the temperature in the room to fluctuate and sending the thermostat mixed signals. Your heating and cooling system will work overtime, turning on and off depending on the temperature of air that's wafting in.

2. On an Interior Wall

Your thermostat is supposed to measure the current temperature of your home and adjust it to your desired setting. Place the device on an interior wall at the center of the house so it can get an accurate reading. If it’s on an outer wall, the system can pick up the temperature from outside.

3. In a Central Location

Choose a wall where it can get an accurate reading of the average temperature in the home. Don't put the thermostat in a small room with fluctuating temperatures, such as the bathroom or kitchen. The heat from your appliances and the steam from the shower will give your thermostat an inaccurate reading and cause problems.

4. Far From Sunlight & Vents

Think about where sunlight hits your home throughout the day. If your thermostat is in direct sunlight, then the air around it will be much warmer than the rest of the room. If it’s near a vent, then you will have a similar problem with cold air.


If you need help maintaining your heating and cooling system, contact Ron Hammes Refrigeration in La Crosse, WI. Whether you need an HVAC system installed or repaired, this team of experienced HVAC technicians will help you with any heating and cooling situation. They tackle both commercial and residential refrigeration services and stock top-of-the-line products. To learn more about their residential HVAC services, go to the Ron Hammes Refrigeration website or call (608) 788-3110.

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