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The Importance of a Commercial Refrigeration Preventative Care Checklist

The Importance of a Commercial Refrigeration Preventative Care Checklist

While it can be easy to overlook your refrigeration systems when everything is going fine, you don’t want to discover what it’s like when things go wrong. Because of this, our heating and cooling team at Ron Hammes Refrigeration in La Crosse, WI, strongly recommends adhering to a preventative care checklist.

While the exact maintenance needs may vary depending on which type of commercial refrigeration system your company uses, a few factors remain consistent regardless of whether you use a unit cooler or an air-cooled condensing unit.

commercial refrigerationFirst is the need for a regular visual inspection, generally on a monthly or quarterly basis. During these inspections, you should look for clear signs of problems, like oil stains, corrosion on tubing and fins, or any unusual noises and vibrations. These could be signs of more serious mechanical issues that should be fixed by a professional commercial refrigeration team.

In addition to these visual inspections, you should clean the evaporator (or condenser) coil and blades with a brush and pressurized water to prevent the buildup of residue. All fans and electrical wiring should be carefully inspected to ensure fans are rotating smoothly and electrical connections are secure. In some cases, these components may also need to be tightened, replaced, or cleaned.

By regularly inspecting your commercial refrigeration system and taking care of minor maintenance tasks, you can prevent major issues from arising. Of course, if serious problems do occur, calling for professional help is always your best option. 608-788-3110 or contact us here.


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