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Restaurant Tips for the Holiday Season

Restaurant Tips for the Holiday Season

With children and their families off from school and work during the holiday season, your restaurant, store, or hotel will likely see an uptick in sales. While this is a wonderful thing for you as a business owner or manager, it also leaves more room for unsatisfied customers should your commercial refrigeration equipment malfunction. Here are a few ways to ensure its operating properly and will keep your customers happy this holiday season.


1. Keep an Eye on the Temperature

Cold days and nights may have encouraged you to turn up the heat in your restaurant or bar or convenience store. With more customers, staff members are also walking in and out of the refrigerators more frequently. Both of these factors can drive up the internal temperature of your commercial refrigeration system, which may lead to spoiled food. To avoid this, calibrate your digital thermostats for accuracy and check them at least once a day.

2. Watch for Open Doors

Every time someone opens your commercial refrigerator or freezer, they force the system to work harder to keep food cold. Educate your staff on the importance of food temperature, and determine ways to minimize the frequency of door openings. This includes deliveries, inventory checks, or several trips in and out that could be combined into one.

3. Handle Your System With Care

Should your commercial refrigerator or freezer happen to fail during the holiday season, it could significantly impact your business. The best way to keep units operating as they should is with proper care and regular maintenance. To save money in the long run, opt for a professional preventative maintenance for routine inspections and fixes. A heating and cooling expert will understand and handle small but important tasks, such as cleaning coils and tightening electrical connections that have loosened over time.

4. Turn to a Commercial Refrigeration Expert

The experts at Ron Hammes Refrigeration specialize in commercial refrigeration sales and service! Contact us to handle everything from your HVAC repair and ventilation maintenance, to new restaurant kitchen equipment sales and service. 


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