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HVAC Experts: 4 Reasons to Schedule an HVAC Inspection this Fall

With winter right around the corner, many Wisconsin residents have already started to prepare their homes for the months ahead. And while bracing yourself against winter’s cold may not necessarily mean stacking firewood or stocking up on scarves and sweaters, for most property owners it should include a professional inspection of the HVAC systems in your home or business.

Ron Hammes Refrigeration is La Crosse, WI’s full-service heating and cooling specialist, offering HVAC repair and service to both commercial and residential customers throughout the La Crosse and Coulee Region area. Below, they explain four key reasons why fall is the perfect time for a professional HVAC inspection.

4 Reasons To Schedule An HVAC Inspection This Fall

1. You’re Probably Due

Most experts recommend having a full HVAC inspection every year, but not every property owner follows through on this. Whether you had your last inspection the previous fall or are much longer overdue, it’s wise to have a heating and cooling specialist give your system a once-over before winter hits.

2. Winter Is A Terrible Time For A Breakdown

The last thing you want is for an undiagnosed problem to leave your home or office suddenly without heat in the middle of winter. A fall HVAC inspection will help prevent such a circumstance by identifying any needed HVAC repairs before they become worse.

3. Long-Term Maintenance

In addition to preventing emergency breakdowns, an annual inspection in the fall will help keep your system running efficiently and reliably over the long-term.

4. Scheduling Is Easiest In Fall

Because many property owners don’t give enough thought to their HVAC systems until winter, many repair and service companies will have increased availability during the autumn, so you can schedule your inspection and get HVAC maintenance off your mind.

If your HVAC system is due for an inspection this fall, turn to one of Wisconsin’s most trusted heating and cooling companies to keep your system running smoothly. Visit Ron Hammes Refrigeration online to find out more, or call (608) 788-3110 today to schedule a visit. You can also find their team on Facebook.

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