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How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring Storms

How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring Storms

Severe weather is fairly common during the spring months. Lightning, precipitation, and strong winds can all do serious damage to homes. However, it's not just your home’s exterior that you need to worry about. Spring storms can also wreak havoc on your HVAC system. To prevent damage and prepare your heating and cooling units for any upcoming severe weather events, here are a few tips.

3 HVAC Tips to Prepare You for Spring Storms

1. Install Surge Protectors

If lightning causes you to lose power during a storm, it could send extra voltage through your electrical system and damage the wiring of your HVAC equipment. Have a professional electrician check your connection and install a surge protector that will stop any extra voltage from making it to your heating and cooling equipment.

2. Secure Outside Units

Strong winds can potentially jolt or displace parts of your outdoor condenser unit. In the early spring or before any expected storms, head outside and check that the bolts are all secure. It may also be beneficial to trim any nearby tree branches that could fall or blow onto the unit during a storm.

3. Turn Off Your System

During severe storms, it's a good idea to turn your furnace or AC off entirely. The units are more likely to be damaged if they’re running. Additionally, having your system turned off allows you to place a protective cover over your condenser. Just make sure to remove it and check for flooding around the unit before turning the system back on.


If you're looking for an HVAC professional to help you with spring storm preparations, look no further than Ron Hammes Refrigeration in La Crosse, WI. The family-owned company provides a wide array of services, including HVAC repairs, ventilation, and commercial refrigeration. In business since 1972, the company is well-equipped to help both homeowners and businesses throughout the area, providing exceptional service and support from licensed technicians. Contact the Ron Hammes team online or call 608-788-3110 to request a free estimate.

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