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Heating and Cooling Lessons: How Summer Affects Your Indoor Air Quality

Heating and Cooling Lessons: How Summer Affects Your Indoor Air Quality

While summer may be a time of relaxation, it’s still important to be vigilant about the purity of your indoor air. With the help of a skilled heating and cooling specialist, you’ll be able to fend off many troublesome particles that come with the season. Ron Hammes Refrigeration of La Crosse, WI, has earned a reputation as the region’s top HVAC company. These HVAC professionals will make your home more comfortable.

Even though summer is a season for the outdoors, plenty of time will still be spent inside. While the summer heat is wonderful for a day in the park, it can introduce a high level of humidity into the home. In addition to being uncomfortable when extreme, humidity allows mold to thrive. Having mold in your air can lead to unpleasant respiratory problems even in people who don’t have allergies. Indoor air during the summer is a challenge to allergy sufferers as well. Having more moisture in the air proves to be inviting to dust mites, making it difficult to breathe for all who are allergic. 

Another factor that affects your indoor air quality is a contribution from your pet. Due to the warm weather, pets tend to shed their hair at a higher rate, leading to the increased dispersal of dander and other aggravating particles. While you can get started improving your air quality by being diligent about swapping out your HVAC filters, it will take a heating and cooling professional to make a substantial difference. When you hire Ron Hammes Refrigeration to maintain or repair your air conditioner, you’ll feel a massive improvement in air flow. The improved circulation will whisk away the summer detritus that is in the air, allowing everyone to breathe better. 

To help get your HVAC system in shape for the summer, reach out to La Crosse’s heating and cooling experts. You can speak to the staff at Ron Hammes Refrigeration by calling (608) 788-3110 or learn more about the company by visiting the Ron Hammes refrigeration website today.

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