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Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Keeping your home warm during the winter, doesn't have to mean spending more money to do so! Here are some simple tips you can still do this winter to maximize energy, make your HVAC system run more efficiently, and save some money. 


1 - Adjust the thermostat:
We would all like to be toasty warm in the winter, but adjusting your thermostat down can help save up to 10% of your heating bill. Install a programmable thermostat and adjust the temperature accordingly. When you're at home set it to the minimum comfort level for the household. When you're away or asleep, program the the temperature lower for more savings.

2 - Maintain the HVAC system:
Give Ron Hammes Refrigeration a call and schedule regular maintenance. Ron Hammes Refrigeration will inspect and clean your system, which will make things run more smoothly and, more efficiently. Be sure to change the filter monthly, or as recommended by the manufacturer. Some homes may need to replace the filter more often depending on pets, allergies, etc.

3 - Install window treatments:
Thick or thermal curtains can help insulate rooms by preventing cold air from entering. Drafty windows can make a room and home feel colder! During the day - open up those window treatments to let the warm sunlight heat your home! 

4 - Leaks:
If you feel any areas of cold air drafts be sure to check windows, doors, attics, and basements for any place where air may be leaking in or out. An easy solution is caulk or weatherstripping to help keep the cold air out, and the warm air in!


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