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Does Temperature Affect Office Productivity?

Does Temperature Affect Office Productivity?

Finding the right temperature for an entire office can be challenging. While some employees may be comfortable at one setting, you might find others shivering at their desks. The temperature in the office affects the productivity of your employees. Thus, if you’re looking for ways to satisfy your business goals and keep your employees comfortable, here’s how to find a happy middle ground on the thermostat.

How Does Temperature Affect Productivity?

Heating and cooling costs are major expenses for business owners. However, before you dial back the thermostat, consider what it will cost if your employees are less productive. While OSHA guidelines suggest that the office temperatures should be anywhere between 68- and 75-degrees Fahrenheit, the low 70s is best. The right temperature can save you anywhere from $4-$6 per square foot in employee productivity costs.

thermostatSome people in the office may feel the fluctuation in temperature more, causing them to lose focus. Aim to keep the humidity in the office around 40% to 60%, as this can also play a role in how comfortable your employees are. By getting it right, you’ll increase productivity, focus, and morale.

How Do You Ensure Your Office Is Comfortable? 

If you struggle with heating in the winter, have a licensed professional take a look at your furnace. Having the necessary repairs done to unclog ducts, fix broken fans, or replace filters will help keep both warm and cold air circulating in your building properly.

Depending on the age of your HVAC unit, you might be due for an upgrade. Also, hire contractors to rework the ducts to give your business more efficient airflow. Budget for these changes ahead of time. Finally, regularly check the thermostat to make sure it’s working as it should be. Do this by checking if the temperature in the room is the same as the one on the thermostat. 


Businesses around La Crosse County, WI, trust the licensed HVAC team at Ron Hammes Refrigeration. They are capable of handling any kind of installation, duct cleaning, or unit repair. They will help maintain your commercial HVAC system to ensure employee productivity. To schedule an appointment, call (608) 788-3110. Visit their website for more information.

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