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Benefits of Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

Benefits of Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

Spring is an important time for HVAC contractors. We change gears from working on heating systems to helping our customers with air conditioning system maintenance for another hot and humid summer.  This essential HVAC service can help to stop those awful summer cooling problems.

Annual spring air conditioning maintenance done by an HVAC professional can result in: 

  • Fewer AC repairs - many repairs a cooling system may need can be prevented with maintenance. 
  • More confidence in your AC system working throughout the heat.
  • Better AC energy efficiency - Air conditioning systems that are maintained can keep most of their efficiency ratings for most of their lifespan
  • Longer AC system life - Without regular maintenance your air conditioning system lifespan may decrease before needing replacement.
  • AC Warranty protection - Many warranties will protect you for up to 10 years but you need to protect the warranty.

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