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5 Signs It's Time to Call for Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

5 Signs It's Time to Call for Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

Every restaurant, grocery store, and deli relies on commercial refrigeration units to keep ingredients and products fresh. Even a temporary refrigeration breakdown can cost thousands of dollars a day in spoiled inventory and lost business, so have your equipment serviced regularly. Below are a few common signs your unit needs to be maintained or repaired.

When to Service Your Commercial Refrigeration Unit

1. Worn or Torn Gaskets

Even the most efficient refrigerator can't keep products cool if the door seals are broken or worn out. Damage to the gaskets can cause temperature fluctuations and put more pressure on the equipment, so have any issues fixed as quickly as possible.

2. Ice Buildup

Ice deposits on the walls, condenser coils, or around the door usually indicate a lack of airflow, which causes the equipment to work harder than usual. This additional wear and tear can lead to higher operating costs, expensive repairs, and premature failure.

3. Rising Temperatures

A variety of problems can cause rising temperatures inside your cooler, potentially leading to spoiled food and health department citations. For instance, it could be low on refrigerant, a critical component may be failing, or the entire unit may just need to be thoroughly cleaned.

4. Strange Noises

Every commercial refrigeration unit makes some noise, but clattering, banging, or rattling sounds usually indicate a severe mechanical problem. Strange noises can point to a variety of problems, including a failing condenser, a damaged motor, or loose belts somewhere in the system.

5. Customer Complaints

If your customers are sending back food or bringing products back to the store, the problem may be with your commercial refrigeration system. Restaurants can be held liable for customers who get sick because of spoilage, so investing in repairs benefits your reputation, public health, and your bottom line.


As the premier commercial refrigeration service in La Crosse, WI, Ron Hammes Refrigeration has been serving businesses throughout the area since 1972. No matter your industry or issue, you can rely on their experienced technicians to deliver prompt service and reliable results at competitive prices. Visit their website for more on their commercial refrigeration expertise, call (608) 788-3110 to schedule service, and follow them on Facebook for more tips and updates.

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