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4 Ways to Make Your Commercial AC Unit Last Longer

4 Ways to Make Your Commercial AC Unit Last Longer

Preventive care is crucial for everything from health to the function of major appliances. Whether you recently had a new commercial air conditioner installed or you want your current system to last as long as possible, there are many ways to help the system avoid a premature replacement. Here’s what you need to know. 

How to Increase Your AC’s Life Span

1. Keep The Area Around the Unit Clear

Save the unit from heat-related stress by keeping the surrounding area clutter-free. Clean around the unit regularly if it’s located on your business’s roof and subject to debris buildup from leaves, twigs, and trash. If the unit is in the basement or anywhere else within your commercial property, make certain it’s clear of boxes, inventory, and assorted supplies.

2. Schedule Routine Ductwork & Vent Cleaning

Help cool air flow through your ductwork and vents efficiently with regular cleaning. Wipe the vents on a weekly basis, and get the ductwork cleaned once a year; it collects dust mites, hair, insect remains, vermin excrement, and pollen amongst other clogging pollutants that restrict air flow. The dust also circulates, which can trigger allergic reactions and asthma. 

3. Be Mindful of Common Issues

Check your commercial air conditioner regularly for loose parts, dust and dirt buildups, and clogged air filters. Clean or replace the filters at least monthly while also keep an eye on unusual noises, which can point to broken belts, motor problems, and other issues requiring professional attention. If you think the system is working harder than it should be, make efficiency upgrades, such as installing a programmable thermostat that allows you to control how much cool air each area in the building gets. 

4. Request Annual Maintenance Checks

Schedule annual inspections with HVAC contractors to keep your air conditioner operating smoothly. Your contractor will clean the unit, tighten any loose parts, replace faulty or damaged pieces, and identify small issues that may become larger, more expensive problems without timely repairs. 


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