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4 Tips to Save on Your Heating Bill

4 Tips to Save on Your Heating Bill

As the weather gets cooler, the heating system runtime increases and reflects in your monthly energy bills. The good news is, there are ways to cut back on heating costs by monitoring the HVAC’s performance and investing in timely repairs. Here are a few tips to reduce the central air system’s electric consumption and spare yourself the high utility expenses.

How to Save on HVAC Energy During Winter

1. Do Your Research

If you’re in the market for a new heating system, research the available options beforehand. Compare and contrast their upfront costs versus the long-term savings you can guarantee by choosing an appliance with a high energy-efficiency rating. To make your choice easy, look for models that are Energy Star® certified.

2. Invest in HVAC Services

Homeowners with an existing system can save on energy costs by scheduling regular tune-ups for their HVACs. A reliable local heating and cooling contractor will check the unit components to make sure they are properly connected and not leaking air from anywhere. Additionally, they will fix electrical connections, lubricate moving parts, and keep a tab on system controls for efficient performance.

3. Replace Filters

Operating the heating system for longer times warrants changing the air filters more frequently. As a general rule of thumb, switch filters every month during periods of heavy HVAC usage. Filters play a pivotal role in maintaining clean indoor air quality, but can become clogged with impurities over time. By replacing them, you’ll have cleaner air circulation, lower energy costs, and spare the appliance from damage.

4. Get Duct Cleaning Services

With time and use, dirt and debris can accumulate inside the ductwork. Hire an experienced contractor to clear out duct pollutants that block the flow of air and impact its hygiene value. Cleaning out the ductwork will remove any clogging issues that are affecting the system’s performance and making it work harder to attain a comfortable interior temperature.


A reliable and efficient HVAC makes winter months more comfortable and affordable for homeowners. Cut back on heating expenses by getting in touch with the repair and servicing technicians at Ron Hammes Refrigeration. Since 1972, this family-owned business has furnished residents throughout La Crosse County, WI, with top-tier duct cleaning and equipment repair services. For any emergencies related to your heating and cooling system, call their 24-hour-available team at (608) 788-3110. Visit their website for a detailed look at their specialized services.

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