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4 Steps Pet Owners Can Take to Maintain Their HVAC System

4 Steps Pet Owners Can Take to Maintain Their HVAC System

Indoor pets can easily affect the air quality of a home. The loose dandruff and fur collect within the HVAC system and release airborne particles, causing loved ones to develop respiratory issues. Keep the problem from getting out of hand by following these simple maintenance steps.

4 HVAC Maintenance Steps for Pet Owners

1. Change the Filters

One of the top places where loose fur will gather is in the air filters. The material that these products are made of captures particles and prevents them from getting into the atmosphere. Regular replacement is required to prevent them from becoming clogged. Make a point to check the filters and change them out at least once a month to ensure there’s no buildup interfering with the system’s functionality.

2. Clean the Ducts

If you have a whole-home HVAC system, then it’s essential to schedule routine duct cleanings. Dust and fur have a tendency to get caught while traveling through the ductwork and can create a thick interior lining. Neglecting to clean this on a regular basis will allow particles to come loose and find their way through the vents.

3. Wash Your Pets

Pets that aren’t properly groomed on a regular basis will begin scratching more frequently. This will loosen dead bits of fur and skin and could increase the amount of airborne particles that are in the home. Washing them thoroughly with soap and water and giving them a good brushing at least once a week will not only help improve the health of their fur but also the indoor air quality.


4. Hide the Wires

Puppies that are teething will gnaw on just about anything, and wires that are left out in the open will become a target. This will short out the system if they can break through the rubber casing and could put your furry friend at risk of injury. Provide the necessary protection by running all wires through a series of conduits.


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