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4 FAQs About Commercial HVAC Systems

4 FAQs About Commercial HVAC Systems

The HVAC system is a crucial component of any commercial property. If you're a building owner and want to upgrade or fix your system, it's important to understand how the process works. Here's what you need to know before talking to a contractor. 

Common Questions Building Owners Ask About HVAC Systems

What size system do I need?

Undersized HVAC units will have to work extra hard to maintain programmed temperatures; additionally, oversized units will run more than needed, increasing your bills. The output is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Unit), and systems are weighed in tons. One ton generally yields 12,000 BTUs. Determine the BTUs you need by multiplying the square footage of your commercial space by 25. Next, divide by 12,000, and then subtract 0.5.

How do you maintain the system?

Inspect the air filters monthly. These capture debris and dirt particles in your ductwork. When they're clogged, air will struggle to pass through, and your system will overwork and become more prone to breakdowns.

Most commercial properties require a new filter every 12 weeks. Restaurants may require more frequent change-outs, as the air quality may reduce due to grease and smoke from cooking. 

How can I lower my bills?

First, install a smart thermostat. These allow you to program when the unit will turn on and shut off. They also provide remote control via smartphone and tablet apps. Next, seal around windows and doors to reduce thermal transfer. If you're in an older building, add new insulation, windows, or roofing to keep in warm or cold air.

How often should I schedule inspections?

The average system will last 10-15 years. Inspections are an important part of maximizing the life span of your heating and cooling units. Schedule an inspection once a year - even if your system seems fine.

Professionals will check the condenser, heating elements, and other crucial parts for signs of wear and tear, keeping you ahead of problems. If you have a heat pump, you may need inspections every six months, as they require special care, including cleaning the coils and clearing away ice from the outdoor units.


If you’re overdue for an HVAC inspection, contact Ron Hammes Refrigeration. Ron Hammes Refrigeration specializes in heating, cooling, and commercial refrigeration services. They proudly serve La Crosse County, WI, and provide 24/7 emergency assistance. Call (608) 788-3110 to speak with a team member, and visit their website to learn more about their HVAC repair and installation services. Receive news and updates by connecting on Facebook.

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