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3 HVAC Repairs Homeowners Often Need in Winter

3 HVAC Repairs Homeowners Often Need in Winter

In Wisconsin, temperatures remain frigid throughout winter. This means many homeowners keep furnaces running non-stop until spring arrives. Even with a fall maintenance check, the constant use can cause certain furnace malfunctions during the colder months. To make it easier to describe the problem to an HVAC repair technician, below are a few common issues to keep on your radar.

A Guide to Common HVAC Problems in Winter

1. Motor Malfunctions

If the motor stops working, it can’t push hot air through ducts and vents and into living spaces. Although motor damage due to routine wear is often to blame for no hot air, a dirty blower could also be the source of the problem. Grime typically accumulates in openings in squirrel-cage blower models. 

2. Pilot Light or Electric Igniter Problems

If you own a gas-operated furnace, you might experience a problem with combustion during winter heating. Older furnaces have pilot lights that produce a flame that ignites the gas, which comes out of the burner. If the pilot is broken and won’t light, you’ll notice a lack of heat in your home. Newer systems have electric igniters, which might need to be cleaned or replaced.   

3. Air Flow Disruptions

If the furnace fails to heat your home properly, hot air could be escaping through cracks and gaps in the ductwork. Clogged filters also reduce air flow. If there’s not enough air to blow over it, the heat exchanger could overheat and crack. Without a screen to trap debris, dirt can accumulate in the burners, too.


If you experience any of the above problems this winter or have already encountered issues with heating and cooling performance, contact the licensed HVAC repair technicians at Ron Hammes Refrigeration in La Crosse County, WI, for help. The team has been providing prompt furnace and air conditioning repairs since 1972. To schedule HVAC repairs, call 608-788-3110 or visit the Ron Hammes Refrigeration website to learn more about the company.

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