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3 HVAC Problems to look for in Spring

3 HVAC Problems to look for in Spring

A few common HVAC issues when Spring arrives, and what you can do to avoid them.


1. Dirt, grass clippings, and dust

The arrival of spring and growing lawns is also commonly associated with regular rainfall. This extra moisture can make it much harder to keep the outdoor unit clean. Dirt and grass clippings can pile up around the unit and make their way to the condenser and evaporator coils. If you don't clean these coils before swapping to the air conditioner, the system will struggle to transfer heat over the coils—reducing the coolness of the air inside your home. It can also cause the unit to overwork, which could result in higher energy bills and more frequent HVAC repair calls.

2. Insufficient airflow

If you swap from a furnace to an air conditioner as the temperature in your region warms, it's easy to forget to change the air filter. However, if the unit is still relying on the same dirty filter you were using at the end of last summer, it's only a matter of time before problems ensue. When the filter is packed with dust, dirt, hair, and other debris, the air pressure rapidly declines, and this causes the system to overwork while trying to keep the home cool. Your filter should be changed often!

3. System won't turn on

When you first make the swap to your air conditioner, you might discover it won't kick on. This could be a simple fix, such as a dead thermostat battery, or a more complicated issue, like a bad contactor switch. If changing the battery turns your thermostat on but still doesn't cause the indoor handler or outdoor condenser to turn on, contact Ron Hammes Refrigeration to see if this part should be replaced.


When you start preparing your home for spring, don’t forget to call the Air Conditioning & Furnace repair specialists at Ron Hammes Refrigeration for annual maintenance. Since 1972, our family-owned , local, small business has provided premiere refrigeration and HVAC services to homes and businesses in La Crosse, WI and throughout the Coulee Region (and beyond). Our knowledgeable HVAC team uses a range of top-quality products to ensure they can handle all of your heating and cooling needs. Schedule an inspection or repair today by calling us at (608) 788-3110.

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