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3 HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Winter

3 HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Winter


What HVAC Maintenance Tasks Should You Do in the Winter?

1. Change the Air Filters Routinely

Many HVAC systems operate with disposable air filters that collect dust, dirt, and allergens, preventing them from contaminating the air you breathe. Left unchecked, your filters can build up debris, restricting the airflow of your system. Most filters should be replaced every one to three months, depending on if you have pets or someone in your home has asthma or allergies.

2. Test the Thermostat

HVACYour heating and cooling system won’t operate without a working thermostat. Sometimes, thermostat problems can be resolved by something as simple as changing old batteries. Other times, the thermostat is malfunctioning and needs attention from a licensed HVAC technician.

3. Inspect Your Ventilation System

If your HVAC system is fueled by gas, it’s crucial to have the proper ventilation throughout your home. During the winter, exterior vents can become blocked by snow and ice, causing carbon monoxide to back up into your home. For this reason, you should have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in every room. If you have floor vents, they shouldn’t be obstructed by rugs or furniture, and ceiling registers should be open for optimal performance. 


Homeowners in La Crosse, WI, who need help with their HVAC systems turn to Ron Hammes Refrigeration.  Our licensed and experienced HVAC technicians specialize in repairs, installation, and maintenance on all makes and models. We also provide duct cleaning services to help keep systems running efficiently. Visit our website to learn more about our services, or call (608) 788-3110 to schedule an appointment.

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