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3 Helpful Commercial Refrigeration Tips to Prevent a Meltdown

3 Helpful Commercial Refrigeration Tips to Prevent a Meltdown

In a commercial kitchen, maintaining your equipment is vital—and few pieces of equipment are quite as important as your refrigerator. To prevent a total meltdown and the cost of spoiled food, take a look at these commercial refrigeration tips. When in doubt, speak with the professionals at a reliable refrigeration company.

3 Helpful Commercial Refrigeration Tips

1. Inspect

Encourage your team to inspect your refrigerator as part of their weekly cleanup duties. It’s easy to overlook warning signs during the hustle and bustle of a regular workday, but red flags like leaking water, strange sounds, and broken hinges can point to a larger problem. Spotting these issues early could save you from the cost of more serious repairs down the road.

2. Clean

Proper care will keep your commercial fridge running at optimum efficiency. Your equipment should be thoroughly cleaned on a weekly basis, both inside and out. This will prevent debris and buildup from damaging your refrigerator’s various components—and it’s hygienic, too. Instruct your team on proper cleanup procedures; electrical components should not be washed, but rather wiped clean with a damp cloth. The rest of your system can be cleaned with a mild soap and hot water.

3. Clear

Over time, items can end up cluttering the space around your commercial fridge. This is a problem, as clutter can block airflow and lead to system malfunctions. Routinely check to make sure that items like storage containers and furniture are not blocking the spaces around your fridge.

Your business relies on functioning commercial refrigeration. With a few simple steps, you can ensure your system runs the way it should.


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