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3 Commercial Refrigeration Tips to Reduce Energy Use

3 Commercial Refrigeration Tips to Reduce Energy Use

Finding creative ways to make your commercial refrigeration system run more efficiently could help you reduce energy costs and lower your company's expenses. The team from Ron Hammes Refrigeration in La Crosse, WI, specializes in commercial HVAC and refrigeration, so their experts have quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to energy conservation.

Here, their knowledgeable staff offers a few suggestions for reducing the amount of energy used by your walk-in cooler or commercial refrigeration system:

  • Install With Care: During installation, select a space for your walk-in fridge or cooler where there will be plenty of room for ample airflow. When air can flow freely around the unit’s heat exchange coolers, the entire system functions better. You may also want to install sensors so the lights in your walk-in systems are only on when needed, as well as night curtains, which help to retain cool air in any open cases you may have.
  • Be Mindful With Anti-Sweat Heaters: If you use anti-sweat heaters to reduce condensation, keeping them on 24/7 will run up your energy costs. Instead, turn them on only when condensation starts to appear. Or, consider implementing an adaptive control, which will allow the heaters to turn on only as needed.
  • Maintain Your System: Buildup can accumulate around the coils in your fridge or freezer, which will force your cooling system to work harder. Make sure you’re cleaning your systems regularly and ridding them of any kitchen grease, dirt, or debris. Also, make sure you’re closely following an inspection schedule so any issues with your fridge or freezer can be addressed promptly.

For restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses with commercial refrigeration systems, Ron Hammes Refrigeration has all of your cooling needs covered. To schedule services with one of their friendly team members, call (608) 788-3110 or visit the Ron Hammes Refrigeration website to learn more. You can also find Ron Hammes Refrigeration on Facebook.

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